March 16th Barn Quilt Block Class in Phillipsburg

We had another successful barn quilt block class on Sunday.  We had six ladies paint beautiful barn quilt blocks.  I can't wait to see them displayed!

Mary chose a beautiful pattern.  There was a lot of taping involved with her block.  She painted the first color at the class and decided to finish up at home.  She also finished one other block on her list!

She did an awesome job!

Bobbi painted her third block on Sunday!  It is hanging in Sawyer's Ace Hardware until April 4, 2014 if you would like to see it in person.  It is worth visiting!





Transformation Tuesday: Basement Wall Painting

So far the wood paneling in the basement has been transformed into primed walls.  Now we finally get to put color on the wall!  We decided to use Sawyer Ace Hardware's new Valspar paint line.  They are low odor and no VOCs.  There are two choices, Optimus and Aspire.  Optimus is more expensive due to a higher quality paint.  (I believe it is more pigment molecules?)  I figured Aspire would be good enough for our basement, so that is what we decided.

The color we chose was Almond Sugar for the walls.  As I have said on my recent post, How to Renovate Your House Without Going Crazy (Housewives of Rural America),  the first brush stroke is always a shock.  Our first impression of our new wall color was peach...far from what we wanted. 

Redbeard painted some of the valleys of the wood paneling

White walls ready to be painted!  Excited!

I love the wall color!

Just have to wait a couple hours to add the next coat of paint!

After this half of the room dries, I can work on the other side!  There are so many things to think about when painting a room with existing furniture.  What do you think so far?


March 15th Phillipsburg Barn Quilt Block Class

We had a great time painting barn quilt blocks on March 15th.  We had five lovely ladies participate!  This time I remembered to take pictures along the way.  I can't wait to see them hanging up on buildings in the area.


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