September 14, 2014 Alta Vista Barn Quilt Class

My mom and I taught a class at Ag Heritage Park in September.  Here are the beautiful blocks that were made!  Don't forget that I have added the ability to pin these pictures to Pinterest!  Just hover over the picture with your mouse and it should appear.
I love this sunflower block! 

Friendship Star

Wonderful horse with yellow flowers

I love the purple and white!

Ohio star with a little twist!

These two had a Grandma/granddaughter day!  They made matching block!

Misti did a great job!
Enid already has her pretty block hanging up at her house!
I love this pattern that Sheila did!  She used rubber stamps to make the stars.  It turned out awesome!
This block was inspired by the Lutheran Hymnal!

Any block with purple on it is a winner in my book!

I have painted this pattern a couple times.  I love all the color combinations I have seen!

She did a wonderful job on this block!


This flag pattern keeps appearing in each class.  I love it!

Sheila made a block for her mailbox! 

I just love this pattern!

I love the color combination she used!

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