Beef Quality Assurance

A few months ago I saw an opportunity to become Beef Quality Assurance certified for free.  Boehringer Ingelheim was nice enough to pay for people to become certified.  As a crops girl, I thought I could stand to learn a little bit more about cattle.

Even though I grew up around cattle, I didn't catch the animal science bug....until I graduated from college.  After graduation, I had a four month window before getting married.  Instead of getting a job for that short time, I helped my dad on the farm.  From December to April, most of the work that goes on has to do with cattle.  Somehow it just clicked and now I am a closet cattle girl! (But don't tell anyone, I wouldn't want to ruin my agronomygirl reputation!)

So last month I signed up for the videos and tests to become BQA certified and I passed!  Now you can refer to me as agronomygirl, Beef Quality Assurance certified! ;)  Okay, maybe just Jessie.  I am excited for the extra knowledge I picked up taking this course in Cow/Calf Management!

Thanks to the ladies who posted about this on Facebook and Twitter to let me know!

If you are interested in becoming Beef Quality Assurance certified or want to learn more, you can visit  It is a great way to brush up on the important management decisions to raise a healthy, delicious beef product.


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