Plant Some Roots and Some Apple Trees

We got our new anniversary apple trees planted!  One is Yellow Delicious and the other is Red Delicious.  Our orchard consists of two pear trees and two apple trees now! Thank you mom and dad for our trees!

Redbeard did all of the planting for me.  Thanks to him for doing the heavy lifting!  I am so excited to see our orchard grow!  Our orchard will double in the next month again.  We have two Honeycrisp apple trees and two peach trees on their way!  I can't wait to start harvesting fruit in a few years!

Planting apple tree one

Apple tree # 2 is in the ground!
Our pear trees are getting ready to grow a lot this spring and summer, or least I hope so!  We are so excited to have a little orchard!

One of our pear trees from last year.
What other fruit trees should we add to our orchard?

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