The Wallpaper Must GO!!!!

Today as I was herding cats out of the "other bathroom" I decided the outdated wallpaper had its last night and it would be gone by tonight.  Redbeard thought this was a hefty task to complete by myself in an afternoon, but I set out to prove him wrong!

Don't mind the cat trying to steal wallpaper!
Redbeard did the first tear right before he left.  This is when we realized there were two layers of wallpaper.  Ugh!!!!

It was a good run, Mr. and Mrs. Wallpaper
Luckily it came off easily!  In less than an hour, all the wallpaper was gone.

This isn't so bad!
And now our bare walls!  We will use joint compound, like we did in our kitchen, to start with a fresh wall.  Then to paint our new walls!  I can't wait to get this room finished!  It will need some new flooring eventually, also.

Ahh, fresh walls to add our own touch!

I want to get to work tonight!
Any guesses for the new theme for our bathroom?

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