March 16th Barn Quilt Block Class in Phillipsburg

We had another successful barn quilt block class on Sunday.  We had six ladies paint beautiful barn quilt blocks.  I can't wait to see them displayed!

Mary chose a beautiful pattern.  There was a lot of taping involved with her block.  She painted the first color at the class and decided to finish up at home.  She also finished one other block on her list!

She did an awesome job!

Bobbi painted her third block on Sunday!  It is hanging in Sawyer's Ace Hardware until April 4, 2014 if you would like to see it in person.  It is worth visiting!





  1. These all look so amazing! I want to make one for my front porch SO BAD. What material are you using for the square? I wondered if frog tape was involved! :) GOSH I wish we lived closer. We'd have so much fun :)

    1. I use MDO (Medium density overlay) board. It is basically exterior grade plywood. Primed and then ready to paint! Frog tape is my new friend! lol I wish we lived closer too! The possibilities would be endless!


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