The Moo-ternity Ward

A couple days ago I went with Redbeard out to the field by our house to visit the cows.  These cows are going to be new mommies very soon.  They met their perfect match in May and now is the time for the cute babies to arrive!  I can't wait to get out and take pictures of the new bundles of joy!  So what do cows do while they are waiting to have a calf?  They eat, drink, and wait.  I caught a few pictures of them that I wanted to share.

They weren't taking their eyes off the stranger with the black object in front of her face.  And look at the belly on the cow in the back!

This old girl is eating snow and any food she can get her mouth on.

Still looking for the perfect bite!

Number 51 was photogenic.  She is hired!
As you can tell, the cold weather and snow hasn't gotten them down.  Now the weather is going to be nice for about a week.  It would be a good time for them to have their babies. (Hint, hint cows)  My good friend Sarah Jane at The Bos Lady wrote about cows and snow.  They can learn to eat snow as a water source in a matter of days!  Amazing!  If you want to learn more you can check out her blog post, Snow As a Water Source.

That is all for now from the Moo-ternity Ward. :)


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