We Have a New Office Space!

The last seven days few months have been extremely busy for us.  We have been working hard on house projects, preparing for the upcoming crop cycle, taking care of cattle, and added restoring our office space to the list.

The office renovation started before I could get a before shot.  The change is pretty dramatic.  Of course it had to include my favorite color, purple.  :)  Redbeard insisted on having grey walls, which worked well to brighten up the space and would work with purple trim!.  This is quite a difference from the dark wood paneling walls and dark colored carpet.  In order to get the paint to stick to the paneling, we used Zinnser 123 primer.  Two coats of primer and two coats of paint later, we have a beautiful, new office space!

On the floor we painted on an epoxy "garage floor."  This gave us a fast, easy floor covering.

We can't wait to get our bookshelf and desks situated!  What do you think of our office space?


Barn Quilt Class - First Lutheran Church Phillipsburg February 16, 2014

Yesterday we had another wonderful barn quilt block class.  Thank you to my mom and Bobbi for your help!  I failed yesterday when I forgot my camera.  It threw me off all day.  We had three more participants, but I forgot to get pictures of the finished blocks.  I will update this post as soon as they have their blocks hanging up!  Here are the finished products I have pictures of.

Mick did an awesome job!
"Spool and Cross"

I love how Bobbi's block turned out!
"American Pride"

Becky made her block for her kitchen!

Verna and Gladys decided to make matching blocks.  This is Verna's.

Gladys is proud of the final product!  She was worried that she was "too old" to make a block. Barn quilt block making has no age limits!  It is fun for all!

Deb made a beautiful block with one of my favorite colors!
I will be having another class next month at First Lutheran.  I haven't worked out all the details.  As soon as that is finalized, I will share with everyone!


The Moo-ternity Ward

A couple days ago I went with Redbeard out to the field by our house to visit the cows.  These cows are going to be new mommies very soon.  They met their perfect match in May and now is the time for the cute babies to arrive!  I can't wait to get out and take pictures of the new bundles of joy!  So what do cows do while they are waiting to have a calf?  They eat, drink, and wait.  I caught a few pictures of them that I wanted to share.

They weren't taking their eyes off the stranger with the black object in front of her face.  And look at the belly on the cow in the back!

This old girl is eating snow and any food she can get her mouth on.

Still looking for the perfect bite!

Number 51 was photogenic.  She is hired!
As you can tell, the cold weather and snow hasn't gotten them down.  Now the weather is going to be nice for about a week.  It would be a good time for them to have their babies. (Hint, hint cows)  My good friend Sarah Jane at The Bos Lady wrote about cows and snow.  They can learn to eat snow as a water source in a matter of days!  Amazing!  If you want to learn more you can check out her blog post, Snow As a Water Source.

That is all for now from the Moo-ternity Ward. :)


Red, Brown, and Orange....Floor Update!

We have been working hard on the floor.  The frustrating part is summed up in the words, "hurry up and wait."  We rush to get the next step done and then we have to wait hours, a day, or even days to start the next step.  We finally got the floor stripped completely and ready to stain.

We had to fill in a few areas with wood filler before staining.  A piece of advice, don't use wood filler unless absolutely necessary, even stainable products.  The wood filler doesn't stain to the same color and now since we know the spots are there...they stick out like a sore thumb.  We have to remember we are not professionals, but with a floor as beautiful as we started with, why not strive for perfection?

Here is what the wood filler looked like and a good before picture of the floor.

Redbeard got right to work vacuuming and preparing the floor for stain!
While he prepared the floor to stain, I spontaneously decided to paint the closet.  My color of choice? Bright orange!  This is where my mom cringes.  (For those of you who know her, she would say I am crazy.)  I wanted something bright since this closet is not lit with natural or artificial light.  The closet looks so much more inviting when it doesn't look dark.  

Here is the result!  Can you tell I love bright colors?
Redbeard helped me finish painting the closet and he was ready to stain the floor!  We used Minwax Red Oak stain.

Redbeard putting away the vacuum.  What a good husband!

Redbeard doing the hard work for me!

This is what the floor looked like after the first coat of stain
After the first coat dried, Redbeard added a second coat and the floor was ready to have polyurethane applied!  He applied the polyurethane with a wide, natural bristle paint brush.  I would say he did a great job!

Here is the finished product. Two coats of stain and three coats of polyurethane.

And my bright closet with red oak stained floors!
Now we have to wait for one whole week before putting everything back in the room!  I am so ready!  Everything from this room is in the living room!  The cats love the new places to sit, but I am tired of weaving through a dresser and rocking chair to get to our room!  A big thank you to Redbeard for doing all the hard work and Bobbi at Ace Hardware in Phillipsburg for helping us get all the necessary items to finish our floors!


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