We Are THOSE Pet Owners

Redbeard and I have two handsome cats and an adorable puppy.  It is no secret that we love our pets a lot.  They bring quite a bit of joy to our lives, so when someone mentioned making a barn quilt block of a cat, I jumped on the idea!  I thought about making them myself, but I knew there was someone who would make them perfect...MY MOTHER!  She finally agreed and did a wonderful job.

Andie Cats (left) and Scraggly (right)
The day I brought our cat barn quilt blocks home is the day we picked up our new puppy, Custer.  I told her that she needed to paint a Custer block now.  She made me think that she couldn't figure out how to paint Custer.  To our surprise Mom had it painted and wrapped up for Christmas!

We finally had a chance to hang them up on New Year's Eve.  I was so excited to see what they would look like on our garage!

Our pet portraits ready to hang up!

Custer was first!

Andie came next!

Thank you for your handwork, Redbeard!

Scraggly's turn!

Finished product!  This is my view when I wash dishes!
Thank you to my mom for painting perfect portraits and to Redbeard for hanging them up for me!

Interested in having a barn quilt block hanging at your house?  Contact me if you are in the Phillips county area!


  1. Hi Jessie. Can you buy the "canvas" for the barn quilts already made, so all I would have to do is paint on them? Just wondering. Thanks, Donise

    1. Mom and I both would sell you a primed board! They come in a 8' x 4' sheet unprimed. I bet if you asked her, she would have you over for a painting party!

  2. It's ok. I'm that pet person too! Love how they turned out...especially Custer's! Your mom rocks!

    1. My mom is awesome! I have been admiring them all day! I even enjoyed washing dishes. :)


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