How To Use Citristrip

As I mentioned in Working Through the Layers, one product out performed the other three I used.  The product was Citristrip!  I thought I would share what worked best for us when we were using the product.

The wonderful product!

1. Wash and dry the floor

2. The directions call for a light sanding before applying Citristrip.  I didn't do any sanding and it worked great!

3. You are ready to spread Citristrip! I didn't have to apply the product thick for it to work.  I used a paint brush to spread the orange goo out on the floor evenly.  It is important to work with the correct area size.  You have to be able to reach every inch of the treated area.

4. I sprayed the area applied with water right away and 20-30 minutes later.

5. After spraying the area for a second time, use a plastic scraping tool if working with wood surfaces.  Since Citristrip works so well, there shouldn't be a need for anything other than plastic.

6. Wash the area off and you are ready to refinish the surface as you would like.

I hope your finished product looks at nice as ours ended up!

I will share the next step in our floor restoring project as soon as we get to it!

Good luck to any brave people attempting restoring wood floors!


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