14 Goals to Accomplish in 2014

It is a new year!  Time to put goals on paper to forget or fail at, right?  This year is different.  (I hope!) I have goals and I intend to keep up with it!  Will you join my challenge?  Use my goals or edit them to fit you!  I plan to give updates along the way.

2013 was a great year, let's make this one even better!

1. Lose weight - I have lost 8 lbs since starting my goal after Christmas!
2. Get in the best shape of my life - Unfortunately our exercise equipment is out of commission while the floor in My Purple Palace is waiting to be finished.
3. Eat healthier - I hope to eat more green beans and carrots this year! (Small steps for the picky eater)
4. Stay in touch with friends better - Now that we are grown up, my friends are scattered all over the state, country, and world.  Facebook, texting, etc. help, but how often do we not take the time to actually have a conversation.
5. Keep the house ready for company at all times - I currently have the house as clean as it can be for having one room completely emptied into the living room!
6. Do one load of laundry - (Thanks for the idea, Kelly!)
7. Do the dishes every morning - It sure makes the kitchen feel better to have everything clean and put away!
8. Take a picture of something with my camera...EVERY DAY - I want to have a record of everything that happens this year!
9. Learn a new skill each month - I am going to learn a new crochet stitch or pattern and maybe pick up sewing!
10. Cook at least one new recipe a month - I am a picky eater so I tend to cook in my comfort zone. 
11. Write more - I would like to start writing a letter with a friend, like a pen pal!
12. Finish our house projects - We have a long list!  It is all written down and ready to have projects checked off the list.
13. Have an open house for friends and family when our house is finished - I would love to have my family and friends come up to see our house when it is finished!  Be ready for an invite!
14. Get more involved in the community - We want to get more involved in the community and church this year!

And an obvious goal for life, cherish every day with Redbeard, Scraggly, Andie, and Custer - I am very lucky to call them my family!  I must enjoy every day this year!

Join me on my year long journey to be a better me by January 1, 2015!

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  1. Looks like a great list of goals! Good luck on all of them. I too share the goal of staying in touch with friends better this year.


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