Snapshot #30 - Unpredictable Weather = Kansas

Only in Kansas can it be 70 F on Monday and by the end of the week be snowing and -3 F.  I didn't even know it was going to snow.  I decided to go to Hays to make pictures for our Christmas cards on Saturday.  By the time I got out of Wal-Mart, my first stop, it was snowing.  I rushed to Dillons and made it home in time to have supper with Redbeard and his old roommate in Phillipsburg. (I hear he is reading the blog, so a little shout out to him! :)  We will see if he really is reading!)

To show the progression of the week, this was my outfit on Cyber Monday.

And this is what I was wearing by Thursday while we bow hunted.

The outer layer starts with a nice new Christmas hunting coat that is reversible.  Mom and Dad were nice enough to give it to us early so we could use them.  Redbeard has a matching one!  Under the coat are my favorite pink coveralls and my awesome purple gloves.  I had my head covered with my new camouflage hat that has LED lights in the front.  It works great when I have to walk outside in the dark.  It is a handsfree flashlight that keeps me warm!  I wear the same boots that I wore years ago when I shot my one and only deer.  I hope to change that this year...number two to come?  I sure hope so!

Hunting outer layer
The middle layer is complete with Redbeard's oversized green zip up jacket and my new hunting pants with a pair of socks.  They are furry inside and soft on the outside so they make zero noise while walking!
Middle layer

The bottom layer consisted of my favorite pink Under Armour shirt and black Under Armour pants.  These pants are from a ski trip six or seven years ago (this means I am getting older I guess...whoa) and have been worn so many times!  That big purchase at the time was well worth it in the end!  Notice this is a second pair of socks.

Bottom layer

This was a lot of clothes to wear while hunting.  I received many looks from Redbeard as I waddled into the blind.  There was a lot of noise being made by me since I could hardly walk.  Here is the proof of my many layers.  I am smiling, but really I am freezing from being out in the blind for over two hours.

Can you see me shaking from being cold?  Well, I was.

Our little Custer was so happy to see us when we got back.  Isn't he cute?  I think he has separation anxiety.  Every time we leave him alone he barks and whines and I need to go on?

Little Custer was glad to see us when we got back.  I was excited to be home and warm up too!


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