Snapshot #29 - Blame it ALL on my roots!

There is one thing I hate about Christmas coming...SNOW.  I absolutely hate winter and the temperature and snow that comes with it.  On the upside Christmas and deer season happens when it gets cold, so I tolerate the weather until the snow falls.  My dad shares my dislike for snow.  In our minds, snow means digging out of the house, driveway, and gravel road and chopping ice for cattle.  Not fun!  Snow also means bad roads, especially if the snow starts to melt, only to refreeze over night.

Now to show what the snow has messed up in 24 hours.  Sunday we were supposed to have a potluck at church to celebrate new members.  That means us.  Our transfer to First Lutheran is finally complete.  It was hard to say goodbye to St. Paul's, but that is part of growing up.  I knew the recent snow would interfere with our plans.  Redbeard has cattle to give food and water to and with snow and frigid temperatures that means chopping a lot of ice.  Plus, the roads were less than ideal.  

While he was off tending to cattle, I made a dish for the potluck.  I decided macaroni and cheese would be a good addition to the potluck since I didn't have any eggs left to make a dessert.  In a short thirty minutes, I let the noodles stick to the pan and boil its slimy noodle juice onto the stove.  Yuck!  I was trying to do too many things at once.  Next time I will focus only on the noodles.  I blame it on the yucky snow!  It has me going crazy!

Redbeard finally got home right before 11 and church starts at 10:30.  We hopped in the truck and made the trip to town.  We entered right as they started playing the closing song, but at least we made it for the potluck.  Better late than never, right?

Here is what the roads looked like on our way to church
We had a great time at the potluck.  I think it was the best potluck I have ever attended!  Between cheesy potatoes, macaroni and cheese, beef and pepperoni Pizza Hut pizza, and Hawaiian rolls, I was stuffed!  I didn't even eat supper last night!

The road on the way back from church...much better, but still not great.

After church and the potluck, Redbeard and I went out to give a few bunches of cattle some more water.  They sure drink a lot, even though it is cold out!  Custer came along for the ride and loved every minute of it!

Sniffing around

The puppy sits weird sometimes
Our cattle live on the fields harvested this fall during the winter.  This includes corn and grain sorghum fields.  The nice part of having the cattle in the fields is they are gaining weight while cleaning up after us!  They also leave behind some fertilizer.  The "girls" pick up the corn or sorghum reside that was lost out of the combine during harvest and eat it.  There is little waste then!  They get a bale of alfalfa or other yummy forage to supplement the corn or sorghum.  I think they deserve a little treat when they are doing so much work!

Some of the cattle eating corn

Redbeard is the official ice chopper

Redbeard ice chopping in action.  Don't be fooled, he isn't the only ice chopper.  I put the camera down sometimes to chop some ice, also.

The girls eating some alfalfa

"What are you looking at?"

I blame my long, cold, yucky day on the snow and my long-time hatred for it.  It causes problems in our days, but it is nice to go chop ice and feed with Redbeard and Custer even though it is cold.


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