Snapshot #26 - My Best Shot

We have a Thanksgiving tradition at my parent's house.  In the afternoon, around 2pm, all the men and I go out to shoot shotguns at clay pigeons.  I usually leave the event frustrated because I cannot shoot a shotgun right and I miss almost all the targets.  This year I decided I would practice shooting my bow instead.  I shot a few arrows when all of the sudden I realized I couldn't see one of my arrows in the bale.  Upon further investigation, I found this...

No wonder I couldn't find my other arrow!  It was so close to another that it looked like the same arrow.  I was pretty proud of my shot.  This is the closest I have put two arrows together since I started shooting in October.  It isn't a Robin Hood (shooting an arrow into the end of an already shot arrow), but it is the best I have done so far.

My uncle (an awesome bowhunter) helped me out with my shooting form on Thanksgiving, so hopefully great shooting and a deer is in my future!  I come from a bowhunting family so there is a lot of pressure to score my first deer!


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