Snapshot #25 - Arby's Curly Fries From WAL-MART

This past week I was shopping for groceries in Wal-mart.  I had a few items on my list, including french fries.  I am very picky when it comes to the fries I eat.  I refuse to eat any fries that do not pass my crunch test.  Redbeard makes fun of me because I touch every fry before eating it.  If it is too mushy, it goes straight to the RB pile.  Some of my favorite fries are Arby's curly fries.  The seasoning is perfect and makes up for the lack of crunchiness.

Can you imagine how surprised I was to find this in the fry section?

Yummy fries!!!!

The first question was, will they be as good as the real deal?  Well I made them for lunch yesterday and I am here to tell you they are almost as good as from the restaurant.

Baking in the oven

All you have to do is bake them for 16-18 minutes at 450 degrees.  They are delicious!  I was pleasantly surprised.

Flavor                        = 4/5
Ease of preparation    = 5/5
Time to make             = 4/5
Wyrill overall rating   = 4.5/5
Will I buy again? YES


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