Snapshot #24 - Custer, Our New Puppy

Redbeard has been dreaming of owning his own dog for almost a year now.  He settled for our sweet little kittens for this long (which surprised me a lot), so I decided it was time to add a little puppy to the family.

He researched for months to find the right dog breed for us.  RB knew that it would have to be a calm, loving dog for me and a good hunter for him.  We settled on a German Wirehaired Pointer.  We went to visit the closest breeder last Sunday and fell in love with one of the puppies.  His given name was Cyrus.  He was cute, cuddly, and calm.  We both thought he was the one.  We decided to think about it to make sure he would be the one and Saturday afternoon we picked him up!

Custer's first picture

Earlier today on their first solo outing

You will notice I said his name was Cyrus but this blog post is called Custer.  That is because I am forgetful.  I couldn't remember his name and kept calling him Custer instead.  We both liked Custer better, so that is what his name became.

So far Custer has been a very good boy.  He doesn't make a mess in the bathroom over night and he waits to go to the bathroom until we come get him.  Today he rode along with RB and I when we were fixing fence.  Custer rode along quietly and even took a nap.

Custer napping

He even knows how to retrieve his toy already!

Custer bringing back his toy less than 24 hours after we picked him up

We are excited to have our new puppy, Custer!  


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    1. Thank you Val! We think he is adorable too! He is a real sweetheart, too!


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