How to Clean Your House in Nine Minutes

I got this idea from a blog I follow, Red Dirt in My Soul.  She says distractions come easy to her.  She started setting a timer while cleaning for motivation.  I thought to myself, "I am easily distr....oh look, my hot pink, orange, and purple shoes, aren't they pretty?"  Now what was I saying?  It is very easy for me to start one task and end up finishing something else instead.  A few days later I wonder how I never got said task completed.

So how do you clean your house in nine minutes?  Easy, set a timer for nine minutes and get to work. Each room has a time limit and when you hear the buzzer, it is time to go to the next room.  I tend to get inspired under a time limit so it is hard for me to stop at just the nine minutes...even if I get to do it all over again tomorrow.  I have added the nine minute "wildcard" time.  It is nine minutes for me to go around the house to finish up any tasks I was in the middle of.

My bedroom and office piles from the bathroom
Purse pile!

When I start in a room, I immediately work on the clutter.  This is the easiest part to get quick results.  I make a pile system.  Kitchen here, bedroom there, bathroom over here.  By doing this, I don't waste time running from room to room.  I can use the wild card time to pick up all the bathroom piles and put them away and so on with each pile.  When the clutter is cleaned up, I start deep cleaning...washing countertops, toilet, coffee table, etc and organizing drawers and closets.  The first day there isn't much time to deep clean.  (If you are like me and have a lot of junk sitting around.)  Tomorrow there will be more time to wash countertops and your house will start looking cleaner!  I am amazed at the difference I have seen in the house in just a few days.  I even do a timer for washing dishes.  So far I have finished all dishes in nine minutes with time to spare.  It doesn't seem as bad when you know you are only going to do it for nine minutes.  I intend to keep this up for a long time!  Plus, I have more time to crochet and craft, which lets face it, is all that really matters. ;)

I got everything put away and the counter washed off in nine minutes

The only Christmas decoration we have up...I have high hopes for more...we will see.
So, I can't clean my entire house in nine minutes, but I can clean my house in nine minutes x the number of rooms!  Today I cleaned up the bathroom, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, and made lunch after I got home at 11am.  The food was ready by noon (with the help of the microwave on defrost.)

What housecleaning tips do you have?  I am always looking to find a new routine for our crazy lives!


  1. This really piqued my interest since a lot of people would agree that it would be great to be able to clean one's place that quick. Setting a 9-minute time limit made you focus on the task at hand, which makes cleaning your room more efficient. Kudos! In my opinion, it doesn't matter how quick or long you take in cleaning your place. What matters is that you enjoy cleaning and everything else will fall into place. Ever considered using cleaning tools that will make these tasks easier?

    German Zollinger @ Total Clean Equip

  2. Have you ever heard of I use to follow her a few years ago, and enjoyed it. Cleaning my house was fun and fairly easy following her steps. My kids thought that I was nut, as I would set my timer for 15 minutes, clean, pick up etc. when the time was up, I would reset the timer, do something else either in that room or another, repeat for another 15 minutes, then the last 15 minutes of the hour I would rest/relax, do some sewing, crocheting, etc. (just to make sure I get some of my UFO completed). Then I would start another round 15 minutes sessions, if I had time. I would start these, after I had made sure my living room, and guest bathroom were presentable for company. I need to get back to that type of schedule, so I have time to do the things that I enjoy.

  3. Oh, man. I am so glad I stumbled across this post! I am feeling completely overwhelmed with my house right now. I'm going to try this tomorrow!


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