Custer the Big Puppy

I can't believe we have had Custer for three weeks now.  So how is it going?  He is a pretty good puppy...when Redbeard is around.  He is not very good for me!  Custer is usually looking for Redbeard when he is away.  Don't get me wrong, I love Custer...he just loves Redbeard more than me.

Custer gets to spend most days with his "Dad." (Redbeard's words...not mine!)  He loves riding in the truck and has never had a problem with getting sick or dizzy.

Sometimes Custer says something he 
shouldn't have and has to put his foot in his mouth. ;)

Talk about the perfect puppy!

We are really enjoying Custer.  Here are some pictures from the last three weeks.

Custer loves watching the cattle!

The caption says it all.  He was very tired this morning. 

He also likes to stretch the pillow rule.

As you can tell, there isn't a dull moment at our house!


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