Snapshot #8 - I Have a Fabric Addiction

About a year and a half ago my mom started making rag rugs.  I thought they were so cool, so I started collecting cheap fabric in the hopes of one day starting to make one.  I finally started making my first rug about two weeks ago.  You are probably thinking I am really on top of things since I took four years to start a blog.  (Feel my sarcasm?)  My only excuse is college was in the way.  Now that my life has settled down, (or at least as much as it can for a farmer's wife) I have a little time for projects like this.

Here is my collection.  Some of these fabrics make me wish I could sew something. 

I will cut these fabrics into one inch strips to make something just as beautiful.  There is a lot of freedom when making a rag rug.  You can make the fabrics in rings like my first rug.  Or you could mix and match many fabrics into a true rag rug.  I like the ability to make something other than a blanket, scarf, or hat.  I can decorate the house with these rugs!

The key to picking out fabrics is finding colors, patterns don't really matter.  It is also better to find colors that go together, but are not similar.  The more color and differences, the better!

My first rag rug as it looks today.  It still has quite a few stitches needed.

In the future I will put together a how-to post.  It is a long process, but I think it is worth it in the end! Tell me what you think!

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