Snapshot #6 - 3 Reasons I Love Redbeard

Time flies when you are having fun!  It has been seven months of marriage happiness for Redbeard and I!  Today's post is in honor of Redbeard, my loving husband.  The reasons I love Redbeard.

1. He may appear to be grumpy a lot, but he really isn't.  Jake cheers me up when I am sad and makes me laugh when I am mad.  He is there for me when I need it.  This fall we started bowhunting deer.  He has said multiple times that I will get the first shot.  How sweet is that?  I just hope I can make him proud!

After long days in the combine, he still finds a way to have fun!  We had just seen three bucks...BUCK FEVER!!!!

 2. He is a smarty pants!  Redbeard was always my first choice for help during college.  I figured if he didn't know the answer I shouldn't feel bad for not knowing.  Of course he almost always has the answer to my questions.

K-State had just scored a touchdown.  The excitement is justified.
3. He is down to earth.  Redbeard keeps me grounded.  When I am unreasonable he tells me.  I can be hard to get along with and he just deals with me.  I seem to be in a better mood as soon as he walks in the door.

Our awesome aprons.  Thanks Tony and Christy!!!

This November I am very thankful for the man I have for life.

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