Snapshot #4 - Andie and Scraggly

Redbeard and I are lucky to have two of the best cats in the world.  They are extremely loving cats.  Scraggly likes to curl up on my chest and sleep.  Andie likes to sit on laps and be petted.  My parents were nice enough to let us have their cutest kittens in February.  They have turned into great friends for Redbeard and me.

Scraggly sleeping while I crochet

Scraggly and Andie can be ornery if they find yarn.  Numerous times I have caught Andie carrying a skein of yarn into the kitchen.  They like to steal my hair bands, also.  The one nice thing is they bring every piece of loot into the kitchen.  If I am missing something small and "fun" I usually find it on the slick kitchen floor.
Andie likes to steal my spot!!!
Andie's original name was Annie.  When we took the cats from my parents, we thought they were females.  It turns out when we picked them up from the vet they informed us that our female cats were males.  We aren't very good at guessing if you remember from Snapshot #2 - The Best Doggie Ever.

Kitten brother love

When I leave home to visit my parents it is hard to leave the kitties behind.  Now that I have been away from them a few days, I am definitely ready to see them.  They will be excited to see me too!

Do you have a favorite pet?  What makes him/her the favorite?

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