Snapshot #23 - Wyrill Wedding Wins - Calphalon Contemporary

I decided to start a series of my favorite wedding gifts.  One of my favorites is my new cookware set. I never saw the importance of spending the extra money on cookware.  I had cheaper sets in college and they worked fine.  I had no idea how nice this cookware could be.  We chose the Calphalon Contemporary pan set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the set.

This skillet is perfect for cooking two hamburger patties. (This is a frequent request at our house)

This is my usual noodle or soup pot.  It is the perfect size to make enough for a couple meals.
We received a skillet with the purchase of the set, also.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has relationships with some of the companies and offer registry completion gifts.  We received a knife for registering for the set and another skillet for having a certain amount of dollars of Calphalon products bought.

We received this pan with the purchase of the cookware set.  It is perfect for frying hamburger. 
After the wedding we filled out the paperwork to receive our registry gifts.  We just had to highlight the Calphalon items on the registry list and fill out a basic information sheet.  It said to allow 8-10 weeks for it to arrive.  They came in less than four weeks.

This is one of our freebie pans.  It works great for cooking cube steaks.

I love using this knife to chop vegetables.
Ease of cleaning  = 5/5
Useful                  = 5/5
Worth the money = 4/5
Would I register for this again? Absolutely!  I love this cookware set!

This is just my opinion, but I LOVE cooking now!


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