Snapshot #18 - I'll Tell You When You Get Here

"I'll tell you when you get here."  Ladies of the farm, this is a trap.  This is what farmer husbands say when they need help and know that their wife will turn them down if they know what the task is.  This happened today.

I got a call and Redbeard was on the other end of the call.  He said he needed my help and I should bring my purple Muck boots.  I asked him what I was going to do and he responded with "I will tell you when you get here."  I am a crazy, gotta know everything that is going on kind of woman so that didn't fly.  He preceded to tell me that I would be crossing a river (his words, not mine) to put an insulator on a t-post.  I thought, "I don't want to do this, but it will be nice to help Jake."  What he didn't tell me was that I would have to climb down a cliff.  I am a baby when it comes climbing around steep terrain, as  you will see in pictures.

I don't know about this, Jake

At this point I was close to tears.  I don't know why I am so afraid of going down steep terrain, but I am.

This isn't so bad

I will just slide down, I guess.

Wading in the water in my boots!  Why did I wear Redbeard's big jacket?

Caught the pliers AND walked to the t-post without falling!

Fixing the t-post insulator, getting handy with the pliers

Making my way to the other post

Job completed!

I even pounded a few posts in before leaving!

Well, I fell for the trap today.  I am glad I went to help Redbeard.  I started to conquer my fear of steep, rocky terrain.  Maybe next time I won't look like a weirdo sliding down the hill.  In the words of Redbeard, "I wish we had this on tape."  It would have been entertaining, but then again I think the pictures are embarrassing enough.


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