Snapshot #17 - Phillipsburg Barn Quilt Block Class

Yesterday we had eight lovely ladies participate in the barn quilt block class.  We had a lot of fun!  With eight ladies we kept busy, so I don't have the names of all the patterns.  If you know the name of a pattern that I missed, please let me know! is a surprise!
"Friendship Star"
"Flying geese"

"Flying geese", "Four crosses", and "Friendship Star"

"Christmas Star"
This block can be viewed at Sawyer's Ace Hardware's paint department in Phillipsburg, KS. 


If you have a barn quilt block hanging in North Central or North Western Kansas, let me know!  I am trying to put together a barn quilt trail like Kansas Flint Hills Barn Quilt Trail!


  1. Jessie - I am SO impressed by the quality of the work on these barn quilt squares. In the class I took here in Iowa, we all had to do the same pattern, an Ohio star. It was fun to see the variety of patterns used by the members of your class!

    1. Well, that isn't fun at all! Seeing creativity at work is the best part of hosting the classes!


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