Snapshot #14 - Stand and Wait

As I write this post we are hiding in a row of bales. (Shhhh...don't tell the deer!)  We are hoping to get our first good shot together.  Redbeard has had a few opportunities to shoot at a deer, but I haven't yet.  Of course I need to be a lot closer to the deer than Redbeard.

As you can tell Redbeard was being a little bit grumpy at the time of this picture.  For now we stand between the bales and wait. This is a good break for us from my barn quilt block priming and RB's electric fence installation.

After the hunt analysis:  Now that we are back inside and reflecting on our hunt, I will tell the stories of the November 14, 2013 bow hunt.  It was an exciting experience for me!  I had a shot at two does twice.  I drew back to shoot one of them the first time and at the same time a truck drove by and they ran away.  I was lucky enough to hide behind the bales again and the same deer came right back to the area and I had another shot at her.  Unfortunately I shot too low and only gathered a few hairs on the arrow.  Better luck next time I guess!


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