Snapshot #11 - We Miss Our Mommy

Today a bunch of cute baby calves moved into the corral by our house.  They are letting everyone know that they miss their moms.  Sometimes we have to move away from our parents in order to grow up big and strong.  I know I have changed into a completely different person since the first time I left my home for college, and again when I left April 6th for the last time single.  The calves will soon realize that life goes on and new adventures are to come!  Some will have the joy of being a mother to a calf just like them and others will grow up to feed hungry people.  Pretty cool!

This hurts now, but the best is yet to come!

Moving away from parents, family, friends, and everything you have known is hard.  Sometimes it takes a drastic change to encourage someone to grow up and stand on their own.

I am learning to stand on my own.
After the pain of leaving everything you have known goes away, you forget the pain and remember the journey that brought you to where you are.  These calves will soon forget about leaving their moms and get to work in the next chapter of their lives, just like me.


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