Snapshot #1- Introduction

It is November already! Where has time gone?  It seems like I just started this blog, it has already been two months!  What better way to celebrate our two month blogiversary, than with a new blog series?  I will be posting a new photo (or two, maybe more) each day with a story to go along with the picture.  My plan is to have most pictures be taken the day they are posted.  I have no plans for the future, just that you will see a snapshot of our lives everyday!  Today's picture is an introduction to our lives for any new readers!

First disclaimer:  My husband is Jake, but I call him Redbeard.  It is obvious when you see him.  He has the most beautiful MANLY, bright red beard. (Don't tell him I called his beard beautiful!) Redbeard and I met at K-State in the department of agronomy.  We were engaged April 21, 2012.

He proposed when I was wearing my "I kissed a farmer and I liked it" shirt.
Disclaimer #2: Redbeard also goes by the name of Grumpy from time to time.

We were married April 6, 2013 and he actually smiled!  One day that he wasn't actually grumpy!

Look at that beard and smile!

On September 1, 2013, I started a blog about our lives.  I wanted to give friends, family, and followers a chance to see what was going on in our life since we moved three hours from where I grew up.  We moved to his family's farm and Jake farms full-time.  I help out when I am needed and have many hobbies; crocheting, home improvement, bowhunting, and barn quilt blocks.  I also started some farm photography, hence the name of our blog.  These are a couple of my favorites!

This was taken on a Sunday morning.  What a beautiful sight to see before church. 
Sometimes running around the field like a chicken with its head cut off turns into the perfect picture.  The men didn't think I was quite as weird when they saw the finished product!

And our pride and joys, Andie Catz and Ricky Scraggs.  They are our entertainment throughout the day.  They are ornery and get into everything, but at least they eat all the flies in the house.

Andie (left) and Scraggly (right) love each other!  They are full brothers and the sweetest cats I have ever owned.

I encourage anyone who hasn't been to our blog to look around and enjoy!  For a complete list of my 30 Snapshots of a Kansas Farm posts, check out 30 Snapshots of a Kansas Farm.

What pictures would you like to see over the 30 days?

                                                                                                                     Snapshot #2 - The Best Doggie Ever


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