5 Things This Rural Housewife Doesn't Want to Admit

1. I am not super woman - No matter how hard I try I can not do it all.  I feel like I should be able to keep the house clean, be active in the community, help out on the farm, and work on my hobbies, but I can't.  Something has to give.  Sometimes the house isn't as clean as I would like it to be because of everything else going on in my life.  It is definitely a balance.  I am learning to be okay with balance instead of perfection.

2. I get mad at the long days - I know, I know...I grew up on a farm, I knew what I was getting into, right?  No amount of preparation can truly get you ready to marry a farmer.  I will admit I had an idea, but an idea and real life are far from the same.  It is hard when all the plans in the world won't guarantee a trip to town with your man.  It gets easier as time goes by.  I find things to keep me busy when the hours get long and thank God for every minute I have with him.

3. I don't mind getting dirty...as long as I have WORK clothes on! - I have never been accused of being a REAL country girl.  I love participating in activities like working on the farm, hunting, and fishing, but I really like being girly, also.  I suppose I don't let people see the "farm girl" side of me much.  Most people see the dress and heels on Sunday morning kind of girl.  I am learning to embrace my "farm girl" side.  This starts with putting on Redbeard's hunting clothes and walking around the wilderness in oversized head to toe camoflauge.  Would I rather be dressed in purple head to toe with jewels and sparkles all over?  Yes, but somehow I think the deer would see me.

4. I cry...sometimes a lot - People who really know me, know that I am an extreme crier.  Every emotion causes me to cry.  I will let tear gush out of my face when someone I love has happy news and will share the pain with someone who is hurting.  This is the way I was built.  As I have matured, I have learned how to control my tears.  Sometimes all the control in the world isn't enough to stop me from crying...and that is okay.

5. Life didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but I do have the life I needed - I am a control freak.  I LOVE to be in control.  That is probably why I tend to get over-involved.  I dive head first into activities.  At one point in college I was taking 18 credit hours, helping teach a class, serving as president of three organizations, and trying to be a good girlfriend all at the same time.  Redbeard told me I was crazy and I thought it was normal.  This led to me taking a break from the craziness after college.  I only planned a wedding with my mom, helped my dad on the farm, and prepared to marry my best friend for four months after graduation.  When we got married, I decided it was finally time for life to be the way I wanted it to be.  I would be this trophy wife, dressed up every day with full makeup catering to my husband's every need.  That didn't happen.  I take care of him, but I also take care of me.  I never thought I would be sitting in north central Kansas as a stay at home farmer's wife, but I am sure thankful for the life I didn't know I wanted.

The farmer and his rural housewife. Obviously he has to cover up his beautiful  red beard. :)


  1. I feel like all of these are so true!!! I'm not a housewife 100% of the time, but have experienced them all on the regular.

    1. I am so glad other women feel the same way I do! Thank you for your comment!


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