Snapshot #23 - Wyrill Wedding Wins - Calphalon Contemporary

I decided to start a series of my favorite wedding gifts.  One of my favorites is my new cookware set. I never saw the importance of spending the extra money on cookware.  I had cheaper sets in college and they worked fine.  I had no idea how nice this cookware could be.  We chose the Calphalon Contemporary pan set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the set.

This skillet is perfect for cooking two hamburger patties. (This is a frequent request at our house)

This is my usual noodle or soup pot.  It is the perfect size to make enough for a couple meals.
We received a skillet with the purchase of the set, also.  Bed, Bath, and Beyond has relationships with some of the companies and offer registry completion gifts.  We received a knife for registering for the set and another skillet for having a certain amount of dollars of Calphalon products bought.

We received this pan with the purchase of the cookware set.  It is perfect for frying hamburger. 
After the wedding we filled out the paperwork to receive our registry gifts.  We just had to highlight the Calphalon items on the registry list and fill out a basic information sheet.  It said to allow 8-10 weeks for it to arrive.  They came in less than four weeks.

This is one of our freebie pans.  It works great for cooking cube steaks.

I love using this knife to chop vegetables.
Ease of cleaning  = 5/5
Useful                  = 5/5
Worth the money = 4/5
Would I register for this again? Absolutely!  I love this cookware set!

This is just my opinion, but I LOVE cooking now!


Snapshot #22 - It Is a Little "Chili" Outside

I have quite a few friends getting married and some have asked me what items I recommend putting on a registry.  In the future I am going to start reviewing some of our wedding gifts.  We received a lot of great gifts for our wedding.  This will give me an excuse to use some of our favorite gifts and share them with everyone!  This is the first of "Wyrill Wedding Wins!"  Warning: These will be my own views on products and there will be a lot of purple.  Let the purple begin!

Jake has been begging me for days to make him some chili.  I am not a fan of soup.  Like I usually say, "I like to chew my meal, not drink it."  Call me weird, but for the most part I only tolerate soup if a crazy amount of cheese is involved.  In order to keep my status as Jake's best wife, I made chili to warm him up after his afternoon deer hunt.  I decided again today to stay inside versus braving the cold.

Instead of using my usual pan to make chili, I decided to try out my purple 2.75 quart dutch oven.  Since it is smaller than the other pot, I figured this would keep me from making too much chili.  I made the decision to use the dutch oven from start to finish.  I have never used one before so it was a good learning experience.

First I browned the hamburger.  The instructions said to coat the bottom of the pan with oil and warm for about two minutes.  I was concerned about the amount of liquid in the hamburger at first, so I added a little bit of water.  The meat browned up nicely after warming up.

After the meat was browned, I added a can of tomatoes and chili beans.  I also added Kroger recipe starters chopped onion, chili powder, and corn.  Anyone who really knows Redbeard knows that the way to his heart is with cube steak (made it for lunch), corn, and potatoes.  So corn in the chili and baked potatoes on the side.

Here is the final product!  Redbeard came by and approved of my surprise.  He is excited to have a bowl of chili when he gets back from hunting.

As for the dutch oven, I am impressed!  When I make a meal that has ground beef in it I will use this again.  I am sure there are people that are going to say, "She has never used a dutch oven?"  Yeah, I grew up on grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, and steak.  What can I say?  I am an extremely picky eater.  Now I can say I have used a dutch oven!


Snapshot #21 - Winter is coming

Winter is coming, in fact it has come.  There is a little snow on the ground. :(  I hate snow 
and winter!  Here are a few pictures of the start of winter in north central Kansas!

It looks cold out!  I didn't go hunt today because I need to adjust to this weather change.  I hope we don't get very much snow and ice today.  I would like to have a smooth road into 
the winter season.

Here is our firewood pile.  I sure hope we can figure out how to make a fire soon!
We are horrible fire starters, or should I say long term fires.  We can get a fire started but it only lasts 30 minutes.  I think we need a lesson in long term fires in a fireplace!


Snapshot #20 - My Favorite Burrito

Jake wasn't here for lunch today.  I decided to make my favorite meal, burritos!  I will share my recipe (if you can call it that.)

Beef frying up

Add some taco seasoning

Add onions

Add a can of green chiles and some more onions (if you are me)

Stir it up and let cook for a few minutes

Put it on a tortilla, add cheese, and enjoy!

Here is my happy plate.  This doesn't happen often.
I still haven't eaten supper at 8pm (which also doesn't happen much.)  That shows how satisfying this meal was for me!  What is your favorite recipe to make when you need a quick meal?


Snapshot #19 - Latest barn quilt block

So I am falling behind on the 30 Day challenge!  Ugh, I am determined to not fail.  I will catch up!

I have been busy making barn quilt blocks!  I made a couple for Christmas presents that I can't post yet.  I will share them after I give them out!

This one will be purple, lavender, grey, and black.  I am so excited to share the final product with everyone!  I am going to keep it for myself, so as soon as it is finished I will write about it!


Snapshot #18 - I'll Tell You When You Get Here

"I'll tell you when you get here."  Ladies of the farm, this is a trap.  This is what farmer husbands say when they need help and know that their wife will turn them down if they know what the task is.  This happened today.

I got a call and Redbeard was on the other end of the call.  He said he needed my help and I should bring my purple Muck boots.  I asked him what I was going to do and he responded with "I will tell you when you get here."  I am a crazy, gotta know everything that is going on kind of woman so that didn't fly.  He preceded to tell me that I would be crossing a river (his words, not mine) to put an insulator on a t-post.  I thought, "I don't want to do this, but it will be nice to help Jake."  What he didn't tell me was that I would have to climb down a cliff.  I am a baby when it comes climbing around steep terrain, as  you will see in pictures.

I don't know about this, Jake

At this point I was close to tears.  I don't know why I am so afraid of going down steep terrain, but I am.

This isn't so bad

I will just slide down, I guess.

Wading in the water in my boots!  Why did I wear Redbeard's big jacket?

Caught the pliers AND walked to the t-post without falling!

Fixing the t-post insulator, getting handy with the pliers

Making my way to the other post

Job completed!

I even pounded a few posts in before leaving!

Well, I fell for the trap today.  I am glad I went to help Redbeard.  I started to conquer my fear of steep, rocky terrain.  Maybe next time I won't look like a weirdo sliding down the hill.  In the words of Redbeard, "I wish we had this on tape."  It would have been entertaining, but then again I think the pictures are embarrassing enough.


Snapshot #17 - Phillipsburg Barn Quilt Block Class

Yesterday we had eight lovely ladies participate in the barn quilt block class.  We had a lot of fun!  With eight ladies we kept busy, so I don't have the names of all the patterns.  If you know the name of a pattern that I missed, please let me know! is a surprise!
"Friendship Star"
"Flying geese"

"Flying geese", "Four crosses", and "Friendship Star"

"Christmas Star"
This block can be viewed at Sawyer's Ace Hardware's paint department in Phillipsburg, KS. 


If you have a barn quilt block hanging in North Central or North Western Kansas, let me know!  I am trying to put together a barn quilt trail like Kansas Flint Hills Barn Quilt Trail!


Snapshot #16 - Kirwin Quilt Block Class

This weekend marked my first barn quilt block classes!  I was very fortunate to have my mom come up to help with the classes.  Thank you so much Mom!

We had four ladies participate  in the first barn quilt class.  It was a nice number to start out with.  We had some awesome finished products!

"Ladies Wreath"

"Hen and Chickens"


If you have a barn quilt block hanging in North Central or North Western Kansas, let me know!  I am trying to put together a barn quilt trail like Kansas Flint Hills Barn Quilt Trail!


Snapshot #14 - Stand and Wait

As I write this post we are hiding in a row of bales. (Shhhh...don't tell the deer!)  We are hoping to get our first good shot together.  Redbeard has had a few opportunities to shoot at a deer, but I haven't yet.  Of course I need to be a lot closer to the deer than Redbeard.

As you can tell Redbeard was being a little bit grumpy at the time of this picture.  For now we stand between the bales and wait. This is a good break for us from my barn quilt block priming and RB's electric fence installation.

After the hunt analysis:  Now that we are back inside and reflecting on our hunt, I will tell the stories of the November 14, 2013 bow hunt.  It was an exciting experience for me!  I had a shot at two does twice.  I drew back to shoot one of them the first time and at the same time a truck drove by and they ran away.  I was lucky enough to hide behind the bales again and the same deer came right back to the area and I had another shot at her.  Unfortunately I shot too low and only gathered a few hairs on the arrow.  Better luck next time I guess!


Snapshot #13 - Beautiful Sunrise

The sunsets around here have been amazing lately!  It was definitely worth getting out of the house when it is cold out to capture these pictures.  What do you think?


Snapshot #12 - Barn Quilt Block Preparation

This week has been crazy between cleaning house and getting ready for this weekend's barn quilt block class.  Here are a few snapshots of what barn quilt block class preparation looks like.

Little paint cups ready for participants to choose the colors they want.
I have poured the paint colors; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, white, and light brown.  There should be plenty of colors to choose from for the attendees.

My quilt block priming station.  I have fancy boxes to help me paint!

Barn quilt block, primed and ready to paint

If you are in the Phillips county area there is still time to sign up for a class!  You can check out our Facebook page, Snapshots of a Kansas Farm, for more information.


Snapshot #11 - We Miss Our Mommy

Today a bunch of cute baby calves moved into the corral by our house.  They are letting everyone know that they miss their moms.  Sometimes we have to move away from our parents in order to grow up big and strong.  I know I have changed into a completely different person since the first time I left my home for college, and again when I left April 6th for the last time single.  The calves will soon realize that life goes on and new adventures are to come!  Some will have the joy of being a mother to a calf just like them and others will grow up to feed hungry people.  Pretty cool!

This hurts now, but the best is yet to come!

Moving away from parents, family, friends, and everything you have known is hard.  Sometimes it takes a drastic change to encourage someone to grow up and stand on their own.

I am learning to stand on my own.
After the pain of leaving everything you have known goes away, you forget the pain and remember the journey that brought you to where you are.  These calves will soon forget about leaving their moms and get to work in the next chapter of their lives, just like me.


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