Wheat planting on the farm

September and October bring a lot of things on the farm, but my favorite is wheat planting.  Wheat is such an interesting crop.  I love watching wheat as it develops and hope to share the process with you.

Jake waving to me, isn't that nice?

The first step in the wheat crop is fertilizing the ground.  We use a dry fertilizer, 11-52-0 and anhydrous ammonia.  11-52-0 is called monoammonium phosphate or MAP.  This provides the wheat plant with some nitrogen and enough phosphorus for the growing season.  The rest of the nitrogen needs are met with the anhydrous ammonia.

Anhydrous tank filled with nitrogen fertilizer

Now that the ground has been fertilized, it is time to plant the seeds.  We will use the same tractor and air seeder as we did for fertilizing. 

The setup we use to fertilize and plant wheat

We will plant three different varieties this fall: Everest, TAM 113, and SY Wolf. Everest has been our go to variety for the past 3 years and it has been a very good variety. TAM 113 is a newer variety and all indications from when it was harvested shows that it will be a good one as well. SY Wolf has been touted as a Cadillac variety, meaning it has a lot of potential to be a great yielding variety. 

We can't wait to see how the wheat develops!


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