Snapshots of a Kansas Farm Photography Volume 1

I am excited to unveil my new watermark and share the photos I have been taking lately.

This photo was taken shortly after we got married.  I was walking around outside and saw this beautiful sunset.

This was the view from outside our house toward the town of Kirwin

Another beautiful sunset during wheat harvest 2013

Up close of wheat

I love this action shot!

View of the irrigation canal right by one of the wheat fields

If you look closely, that is four combines lined up at the same time.  This NEVER happens.  I was lucky that I live right by this field.

Wheat harvest with the grain elevator in the background.

Jake was planting corn and this looks like a different country.  It is just a few miles from our house!

I love this picture of unloading on the go during soybean harvest!

The sky changed to this beautiful dark blue right after I exited the combine. 

I feel so blessed to be able to experience views like this!

I love how the sun brightens the combine and corn.

I love the sun peeking over the hill!

Unloading corn on the go

The moon was beautiful that night.  This picture doesn't do it justice!

This is one of my favorite pictures!

I captured this beauty as the sun was coming up

A beautiful sunrise for a Sunday morning

Jake was hiding on the other side of the combine.  I love how this picture turned out!

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