Meet Bowhunter Jessie!

It is official! I have joined the bowhunting world!  My obsession with bowhunting started when I was very young.  My dad and aunt have been bowhunters for a long time.  When I was little I would admire the deer that my dad shot with his bow.  I always wanted my own bow and dreamed of shooting my first bow killed deer.

Redbeard got a bow about nine months ago and that made me want one even more!  I never thought it would be possible for me to have an adult bow because I am so weak.  I figured I would have to be able to pull at least 45 pounds before I could get a bow.  A couple weeks ago, Redbeard started investigating my options.  Well...he found one!  I am now the proud owner of a Mission by Mathews Craze bow!  It can be adjusted from a 15 to 70 pound draw weight.  My starting draw weight is 35.5 pounds.  I was shocked that I could pull back that much weight.  My draw weight goal is 45 pounds.  Maybe one day I will get that strong!

My first bow!

Shooting my new bow!

A week and a half ago Redbeard and I went to Cabelas and found the ground blind that we will be using to hunt deer and turkey.  We are excited to get out in the elements and hunt!

We decided to see how the blind looked, so we set it up in the living room.

Scraggly decided to get in on the action!

The blind is ready for a hunt!

Can you see me?

I was really excited to check out the blind!

Hopefully I will be able to have a little bit of success this fall and winter!  


  1. I have been wanting to get a bow! Looking forward to reading about your new adventure. Maybe you will inspire me to go through with it........... :)

    1. You should get one, I recommend this bow! It is very smooth and accurate. Hopefully I can get a deer this fall/winter for you to read about! :)


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