It's a bean world out there

It is fall harvest time on the farm!  More specifically we are cutting soybeans today! Soybeans are used to make a wide variety of consumer and animal products.  Soybean oil can be used to make edible cooking oils, biodiesel, herbicides, fungicides, paint, shampoo, and plastic to name a few. Soybeans are also used in cosmetics, crayons, adhesives, and pharmaceuticals(1).  They are everywhere you look!

This is our first soybean harvest together!

Like I said in Life Lessons From a Farmer, things happen during the day that are not according to plan.  We had a brief breakdown!

Pulling soybeans out of the header

After a short intermission, we were back to cutting soybeans!

Soybean plants coming into the combine.

Unloading the combine into the grain cart while cutting, otherwise known as "unloading on the go"

We finished cutting soybeans today and moved to some of our rain fed corn!  Next time you buy makeup or crayons, you just might be buying a soybean product!

Source: 1.


  1. Love your blogs! I call it "dumping on the fly", and it makes me very nervous as I'm scared I'm going to screw up and lose several bushels of grain! Being a woman and not real mechanical, it can be tough trying to help out the guys in their mechanical world! I'm not married to a farmer, but grew up on a farm in Morris Co, and have came back to the "homeplace" to raise cattle and hay! Now with the kids grown, I'm at a place in life where I'm able to help out the neighbors when they're short on help or at busy times of the year! It gets me back into farming and I'm loving it! Agriculture and equipment has sure changed since I left the farm in 75! :-) Keep up the great work you're doing here!! Loving it!!!

    1. Rosalee, thank you for commenting! I started to learn the ways of grain cart operation last week. I was nervous too! Morris county is the best place to grow up! Thank you, I am really enjoying the blogging experience. Share this with anyone you want to!

  2. Thank you for sharing this great post over at the County Fair Blog Party #9! So great to have you joining us again!

    I was combine operator for a few days last fall. For some reason they would not let me unload on the go. :) Very, very wise decision!
    Laurie - Country Link


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