Fall harvest is almost here!

Fall harvest is just around the corner and Jake has his combine prepped and ready to go!  The temperature has started to drop.  I need a jacket in the morning and it is beautiful during the day.  I wish it would stay like this forever!  Unfortunately it is going to be cold tomorrow.  This is just in time for me to participate in the Kirwin Old Settler's Day 5k.  This is my first 5k and it is going to be really cold!  I will be thankful for Under Armour!

Last month, we cut a couple fields for high moisture corn that will be feed to our cattle over the next year.  They will really enjoy the treat!  That was the trial run, soon the real show will begin.

Jake getting his combine all ready for harvest last month

The corn field by our house. 

Now we are just waiting on all the wheat to be planted, which should be done today!!!!!!   Soybean, corn, and grain sorghum harvest will be here before we know it! (Like maybe even tomorrow!!!!!) Just a little excitement!  Of course this means that the harvest meal duty will begin, so I guess I will wait patiently for the start of fall harvest.

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