30 Snapshots of a Kansas Farm

I have decided to join in the blogging series 30 days.  The series will be called 30 Snapshots of a Kansas Farm.  I will share a picture and a story to go with it from the day.  There will be a lot going on in November for us.  I will be teaching a barn quilt block class on the 16th and 17th.  There will be a lot of beautiful barn quilt blocks to share with everyone!  I will be at my parent's house for Thanksgiving, so I will share pictures from my parent's farm, also.  There should be a wide variety of posts next month, a mix of farming and family!

If anyone lives in the Phillips county, KS area and is interested in painting a barn quilt block, you can contact me, agronomygirl@gmail.com, for more information.  The classes will take place in Kirwin, KS on the 16th and Phillipsburg, KS on the 17th.

What are some picture topics that you want to see from me?

30 Snapshots of a Kansas Farm
Snapshot #1 - Introduction
Snapshot #2 - The Best Doggie Ever
Snapshot #3 - Momma
Snapshot #4 - Andie and Scraggly
Snapshot #5 - Grain for Gold
Snapshot #6 - 3 Reasons I Love Redbeard
Snapshot #7 - Wheat Growing on the Farm

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