Plant some roots and some pear trees

My new favorite song (and a lot of my family) is Hey Pretty Girl by Kip Moore.  It was the perfect song to use as our first dance.  I have to give Jake credit for picking the song.  In the song he sings, "plant some roots and some apple trees." Well we have definitely planted roots in Kirwin, KS, but there are not any apple trees yet.  We started our orchard with two little pear trees.  They are supposed to be more likely to live and easier to take care of than apple trees.  So far, our wire fence has kept animals out.  We will see what happens in the coming years! 

One of our pear trees

Before we got engaged, Jake told me about his grandparent's house.  He talked about how he would probably live there and he thought I would love it.  At this point I didn't know he had any sense of home design (you will see our first try at designing a room in a future post.)  I was skeptical of what it would be like since it had been empty for awhile.  The first time I got to see the house was right after he proposed.  The house was very nice and I was very excited to put my own style in the house.  

Our house
We definitely have some landscaping to do!
We wanted our garage to look like a red barn.
I think we accomplished the look!

We started adding our own touch on the house last winter and it is still a work in progress.  Next up in the house report is A bathroom fit for a queen.


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