Book Review #1 - The Old Man and the Boy

About a month ago, Redbeard and I were heading to a good friend's wedding all the way in North Dakota.  RB decided he wanted to finish the book he started reading a few months before.  By the time we drove ten hours up there, the radio was getting old.  I decided on the way back we should read the book together!  RB, as expected, was skeptical of my reading out loud skills and I was worried about actually liking the book.  He finally gave in to my demands for entertainment. 

Much to my surprise, The Old Man and the Boy by Robert Ruark, is an excellent book.  The old man spends his time teaching the boy about life through numerous hunting adventures.  The book takes you through the last years of the old man's life.

It starts out with the Old Man teaching the Boy to shoot a shotgun at quail and ends with the final hunt the Old Man and the Boy on together. In between, Ruark tells stories about training bird dogs, bird dogs training young hunters, deer hunting, small game hunting, fishing of many freshwater fish and saltwater fish, and many, many more stories of a youngster growing up during the 1920's. 

If you enjoy hunting stories, this would be a great read for you!


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